Welcome to Twin Peaks Charter Academy. We are a public school of choice in the St. Vrain Valley School District. As a Colorado charter school, we are publicly funded. Our admissions process is open to all students, regardless of income.

We do not charge tuition. Further, we do not charge fees as a condition of a student’s enrollment or attendance in any class that is considered part of a public school’s educational program. However, we ask families and their students to pay fees to cover the costs associated with consumable course materials, access to Infinite Campus, and benchmark testing. Students who enroll in electives, athletics, or other extracurricular activities will incur additional fees.

Our student fee schedule is developed through a public and parent-driven process. All fees are reviewed every spring, and must be approved by the board of directors. For more information and a complete listing of applicable fees and fee details, please reference policies T-JQ-E1 Schedule of Student Fees - Academics and Electives and T-JQ-E2 Schedule of Student Fees - Athletics and Activities.

Students and families who qualify for free or reduced lunch are eligible to pay reduced fees. No discount is available if fees are not paid within 60 days.

Fees may be paid by personal check, exact cash, or via credit or debit card on the TPCA website. Installment payment plans may be arranged with the business office.

We request students to bring specific and necessary supplies for their personal use in the classroom. School supply lists are prepared by the teachers, approved by the principals, and published each spring.

Our school requires uniforms for grades K–8, and a dress code for grades 9–12. We are often asked if this adds to the cost of attending our school. We hear from many families that it does not. We do not require uniforms to display our school logo. Uniforms are generally less expensive compared to other forms of clothing. Students and families have the flexibility to buy uniforms from any store that sells approved uniform wear. Further, we offer a uniform exchange/sale every August, so that students and families can buy gently used uniforms in good condition. Proceeds from the exchange/sale fund K-8 uniform scholarships for families who qualify for the Federal Lunch program.

Annual Student Fee

The annual student fee is collected at the time of enrollment or annual re-enrollment. This fee is assigned to each student, once per year. The annual student fee covers the costs of consumable course materials, access to Infinite Campus, and additional costs associated with benchmark testing.

Students who enroll after school is in session and during the first or second quarters are responsible for 75% or 50% of the annual fee, respectively. We offer prorated refunds on the annual student fee to students and families who withdraw from our school, depending on the date of withdrawal. To be eligible for a refund, parents must make a written request to the registrar within 30 days of the withdrawal notification.

Withdrawal on or before September 30 – 75% refund

Withdrawal between October 1 and December 15 – 50% refund

Withdrawal between December 16 and March 15 – 25% refund

There will be no refund for withdrawals after March 15.

Fees for Electives & Outdoor Ed


Fees for middle and high school electives and other activity and athletic fees will be assigned after course registration is complete. Examples of elective fees include technology, art, band and choir, band instrument rentals, shirts for physical education, advanced placement courses, and access to Naviance, our high school college and career preparation software.  

Sixth Grade Outdoor Education

The 6th Grade Outdoor Education field trip occurs every fall. Attendance is optional. Participating students are required to pay for all necessary costs associated with the trip, currently at $150 per student.

Full Day Kindergarten

Our school charges tuition only for the full day kindergarten program. At the time of kindergarten enrollment, we require a $100 tuition deposit. This is a non-refundable tuition deposit that is applied to the first month’s payment of tuition. There is no free or reduced lunch discount offered on the tuition deposit, and it is not refunded if the student withdraws from enrollment in the full-day option.

For more information on our full day kindergarten program, including our monthly tuition rates and schedule, please visit our Kindergarten page.