Admissions Process

Welcome to Twin Peaks Charter Academy. We are a public school of choice in the St. Vrain Valley School District. Our K–12 campus is conveniently located in the center of Longmont, Colorado. We pair a rigorous, content-rich curriculum with character education to help our students achieve the highest standards in academics and ethics.  

Everyone who wishes to attend TPCA must submit an application for enrollment and visit the school, or submit an application for re-enrollment. New applications are processed according to our admissions policies to ensure an equal opportunity for every student. We offer two general processes to submit an application to our school.

Phase I Admission Process (December through January 15)

Please submit an enrollment application for each student, and register your attendance at an enrollment meeting (held in December and January). This process earns your student(s) a spot in the random sort to be held in late January. This is our initial admissions process. The list generated from the random sort is used to fill vacancies by grade level.

Phase II Admission Process (Other Times of the Year)

Please submit an enrollment application for each student, and register your attendance at an informational tour. This is our secondary admissions process. It is used to fill vacancies by grade level after offers have been extended to those in the random sort (see above), and as openings become available throughout the year.

New Students and Families

Enrollment for the Current School Year and Student Transfers

Once school is in session, we have the flexibility to offer enrollment opportunities as they become available. Our best practices for academic and character education permit transfers only through the end of Quarter 2, or Semester 1. If you are interested in enrollment for this school year, and if we are currently operating in Semester 1, please contact the school registrar. If we are unable to offer your student enrollment before the end of Semester 1, please follow the instructions for Enrollment for the Next School Year.

Enrollment for the Next School Year

We welcome all prospective families to learn more about our school through our campus tours and enrollment meetings, and shadow opportunities for grades 6–12. All applicants must register their visit and submit an application form to be eligible for enrollment.

Informational Tours

Please see the Arrange a Visit page.

Our Enrollment Process

Phase I – December through January 15

All eligible applications will be randomly sorted within each grade level at a public meeting held in late January. This list will be called the “Waiting List,” and it will be used to fill vacancies by grade level. The waiting list is viewed publicly for a limited time. We do not publish the full names of our applicants.

We will contact a parent or guardian by phone or email to offer your student an enrollment opportunity. You will have two days to respond. We may continue to use the Waiting List to fill vacancies throughout the summer and fall as they become available. Please contact our registrars at any time to receive an update of your student’s position on the waiting list.

Phase II – Other Times of the Year

Applications received after the January deadline will be added to the Waiting List in the order they are received. Once parents have completed an informational tour, their student(s) will be eligible for an offer of enrollment.

Kindergarten Eligibility

Kindergarten applicants must be five years old on or before October 1 of the school year for which they wish to apply, according to the Colorado Department of Education. To learn more about our Kinder Team, and what to expect during this special introduction to TPCA, please visit our Kindergarten page.

Returning Students and Siblings

We send out an “Intent to Re-Enroll” form to current parents every January. This form includes the process for families to request enrollment of siblings as new students. Please return the intent to re-enroll form by its due date. We are relying on our current families to share their re-enrollment information in a timely manner so that we may proceed with offering enrollment to new families. Thank you for your continued support of Twin Peaks Charter Academy.

Registration packets for siblings of currently enrolled students who will be entering kindergarten will be available in early December and must be submitted by early January. Please inquire at the K–5 office.