Dropoff & Pickup

Parents are responsible for arranging transportation for their students. The St. Vrain Valley School District does not provide bus transportation for students to and from our school. Students are expected to arrive at school between 7:40 AM and 7:55 PM. School begins at 8:00 AM. There is no supervision for students prior to 7:40 AM. Students are dismissed at 3:00 PM. Students are supervised until they are picked up by a parent or guardian. 

All Drivers

Please see the dropoff and pickup procedures below.


Many of our families choose to carpool to save gas and time, make friends, and reduce pollution. We do not offer formal services to arrange for carpooling. We can assist with notifications if you are looking to make arrangements. Please inquire at the front office. 


If you prefer that your child walk to and from campus, please provide the front office with written notification at the start of the school year. No child will be dismissed unless such notification has been provided. 


The Longmont Call-n-Ride bus service runs in the city of Longmont. Service extends north to Highway 66, east to County Line Road and Sandstone Ranch, south to Plateau Road, and west to 75th Street and Airport Road. The phone number for the Longmont Call-n-Ride is 303.994.3551 or 303.994.3552. Reservations are also available online. http://www.rtd-denver.com/callNRide.shtml#longmont

Dropoff and Pickup Procedures

The school provides supervision during curbside dropoff and pickup.  We have established three general drive lines that surround our building. One drive line occurs in the circular drive to the west side of the building, with access from S. Sunset Street. A second drive line passes through the north parking lot, with entrance from S. Francis Street. A third drive line passes through the southeast parking lot, also accessible from S. Francis Street. During dropoff and pickup times, the entire circular drive accessed from the S. Sunset Street entrance is designated as "through traffic" only. Drivers will be asked to continuously move forward to help with traffic flow. At dropoff, students wait outside in their designated areas to the south and southwest of the building. Teachers of K–5 students walk their classes into the building by 7:55 AM. Middle and high school students enter the building at 7:50 AM. Students are expected to be in their seats and ready to work at 8:00 AM. If your student arrives after 8:00 AM, please have him or her check in at the office.

Students can be dropped off at any location, and are permitted to walk to their designated assembly area. Grades K–3 assemble in Area 1, in the front of the building, near the west or main entrance. Grades 4–5 assemble in Area 4, in the southwest corner of the west entrance and to the south of the chain link fence. Grade 6 assembles in Area 5, near a south-facing door with access to the playground. Grades 7–12 assemble in Area 6, near a south-facing door located to the east of the playground gates.

At 3:00 PM, students wait in designated pickup areas that coincide with the drive lines. To assist staff during pickup, please place an 8½ x 11 yellow sign or sheet of paper with the name(s) and grade(s) of your student(s) in large letters in plain sight from your passenger side window. Students will be called to your car as it arrives. Due to the heavy volume of traffic, please follow staff directions to pull forward in the line, regardless of where your child(ren) is waiting.

Parents are welcome to park in the north and east lot, and walk to drop off or pick up their students. In this case, parents must use S. Francis Street to enter and exit the property. Please do not park in the diagonal parking within the circular drive if you plan to exit the property during dropoff and pickup times. It is much safer for everyone if you park in the north and east lots. 

Pickup procedures for children in morning kindergarten will be provided by your child’s teacher. 

Please remember these helpful hints to help make the dropoff and pickup processes operate efficiently:

  • Please pull up as far as possible in the line before stopping to drop off or pick up your student(s).
  • Encourage your student(s) to be ready to exit or enter the vehicle quickly.
  • When entering or exiting the school grounds line, please do so cautiously and slowly.
  • Please follow the traffic flow patterns as you enter and leave the property.
  • When driving through the lot, drive slowly.

Students Not Picked Up By 3:15 PM

Students who have not left the premises by 3:15 PM will be asked to re-enter the school building and wait in the front office area. Parents must come into the building and sign their students out. A fee of $5.00 for every 15 minutes late may be charged if habitual patterns of late pickup occur.

Drive Line Priorities and Etiquette

The drive line affects most of the community at TPCA. Our staff is diligent in making sure that your student exits and enters your vehicle in a timely and safe manner. To that end, it is necessary to remind the community of the drive line expectations.

To drop off and pick up your student:

DO follow the flow of the drive line. 

DO have your student ready to load or unload at the designated place. 

DO stop where directed by staff, pulling forward as far as directed. 

DO acknowledge staff when leaving the drive line, following their signals on the timing of your exit. 

Additionally, to make the drive line move quickly and efficiently:

NEVER use the outside lane of the drive line to pick up or drop off your student. This slows the entire line, can cause accidents, and is unsafe for pedestrians. 

NEVER BACK OUT into the drive line! Not only does this practice force the entire line to come to a halt, it is highly unsafe. (If you prefer to park, please arrive in time to do so safely, approximately 7:50 AM or 2:55 PM.) 

NEVER ‘nudge’ or cut into the drive line. If you have parked, and you can pull into the line, please do so when directed by staff, and when there is a clear opening in the flow of traffic. Nudging and cutting into the line halts the entire flow of traffic and inhibits other families from un/loading their students in a timely manner, especially on colder days. 

NEVER stop the flow of the line to allow a car to pull out or back out. These families are safely in their cars with their students and can wait. Halting the drive line causes backups and wait times that are unnecessary and unsafe. The priority at TPCA is to deliver students to classrooms and cars effectively and efficiently. 

Your cooperation, understanding, and best practices are of utmost importance. Thank you for helping us to enforce the above standards. Please don’t forget to cross at the crossing areas, and please remind your student to never run in a parking lot!