Chris Dirgo - Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Students throughout the state of Colorado are participating in the series of annual state assessments, better known as TCAP (Transitional Colorado Assessment Program). Charter schools are held to the same assessment requirements as other public schools. Twin Peaks is responsible for administering the TCAP assessments to students in grades three through ten during a prescribed testing window. Our students will participate in reading, writing, and math TCAPs throughout February and March.

The TCAP assessments are one measure the state and districts use to assess student performance. The results of the TCAP are public, and many parents use them as a deciding factor when choosing a school. Twin Peaks staff and board of directors use the results to evaluate curriculum and assess its alignment with Colorado academic standards. A combination of internal benchmarks, assessments, and TCAP results are used to adapt instruction to support the needs of our students.

We thank you for supporting your child, their teachers, and the entire Twin Peaks community to help our students have a successful testing experience. Students do their best through the combined efforts of teachers and parents. Together we can achieve great results!

Submitted by: Danielle Feeney