Tim Ellis - Board Member

     Tim and his family are in their ninth year at TPCA. He and his wife Kristin have four children, a son in elementary, a daughter in middle school, a son in high school, and a daughter who graduated from TPCA and attends Tulane University in New Orleans on an academic scholarship.  As a professional photographer, graphic designer, and artist, Tim has been heavily involved in the Longmont Community since evacuating his family to Longmont from New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina twelve years ago. He brings the benefits of those experiences with him to the board. Tim has been an active volunteer at TPCA from the beginning with the belief that anything he can do to help the teachers and administration will only make a better educational experience for his children. He and his wife have volunteered to help in the classroom , on field trips, at school dances, and special events. They started the first High School Booster Club and have been very active with the school musical. Tim served for two years as the Chair of the Marketing Committee. Last year he was appointed to a vacancy on the Board of Directors. This year he was elected to his first term as a Board Member and serves on the Community Development Committee.

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