TPCA students, faculty, and families are the backbone of our school and community. We are business leaders, volunteers, neighbors, and friends working to enhance our local quality of life. 

Community involvement is one of the pillars of great character development. Community-engaged students put classroom learning into action, develop their leadership skills, and build a sense of responsibility. A 2007 study by Alberto Dávila and Marie Mora indicates that they do better in school, too1. When we work together, we have a greater understanding of one another. The relationships that are formed in community-shared experiences help our educators to better meet the needs of our students and families.

TPCA partners with local groups in the Longmont area to participate in the special events that make our community unique, such as the Festival on Main or annual Christmas parade.

Local Events

TPCA is proud to partner with local groups in Longmont and neighboring communities. Click here for more information on upcoming events.


We believe that parents are an integral part of their child’s education. At every grade level, families can make a critical contribution to student achievement. Children earn better grades, score higher on tests, have better social skills, have a positive attitude toward school, and are more likely to continue their education when the family is involved at school.

As a charter school, our mission and philosophy support the school staff, and provide examples of good behavior, character, and a strong work ethic. Families commit to volunteering a minimum of 20 hours each year at the school. As a result, TPCA benefits from their efforts, knowledge, and enthusiasm.

Student Service Learning Projects

Service learning combines classroom instruction with meaningful community service. Students learn to think critically and reflect on their experiences, which encourages a heightened sense of community and personal responsibility. As part of the program, each TPCA high school student gives 100 hours of service to our community.

Community Outreach

TPCA takes pride in our community and we like to give back. At both traditional times like the holidays, or as unexpected events occur, students have opportunities to help those around us. For example, during the historic flooding of September 2013, students and families gathered food, home goods, and supplies for flood victims. Collected items were distributed to areas surrounding the school that were tremendously affected.

Naturalization Ceremonies

For several years, TPCA has hosted Longmont’s Naturalization Ceremony where hundreds of new United States citizens take their oath of allegiance.

1Dávila, A. and Mora, M. 2007. An Assessment of Civic Engagement and Educational Attainment. The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning & Engagement. Available online at: Last Accessed 9/16/14.