Twin Peaks

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Unit 1: Number concept, operations andgraphingChapter 1- Number concepts, more, fewer, same Chapter 2- addition concepts, use symbols to add Chapter 3-Subtraction in vertical form Chapter 4- Data and graphing, learning to read a pictographUnit 2: Addtion & Subtraction facts through 10Chapter 5- Addition strategiesthrough 10, use doubles to add Chapter 6 Subtraction strategies through 10, fact familiesUnit 3: Geometry & FractionsChapter 7- Plane & solid shapes Chapter 8-Spacial sense & patterns, teaching models Chapter 9- Fractions & probility, equal partsUnits 4: Numbers through 100 Chapter 10- place value to 100, tens & onesChapter 11- Order & compare numbers, ordinal numbersChapter 12- Number patterns, find a pattern Unit 5: Time and MoneyChapter 13- Time & calendar, half-hour Chapter 14-Usine money, teaching value of coins Chapter 15- Addition facts through 12, adding 3 numbersChapter 16- Subtraction facts through12, relate addition & subtraction Unit 7: MeasurementsChapterChapter 17- Length & Weight, use logical reasoningChapter 18- Capacity & temperature, cups, pints & quarts Unit 8: Two-digit addition & subtractionChapter 19- addition facts through 20, make a ten to add
Geography: Working with maps, globes & other geographic tools: Habitats:Specific habitats, Special classifications of animals The Human Body:Body systems, germs, diseases, prevent illnesses Matter:Three states of matter Electricity:Static electricity, electric circuitsm conductive & non conductive materials, safety Property of Matter:Units of measurements, temperature Astronomy-Into to Solar System:Sun, moon, 9 planets, Earth in solar system The Earth: Geographic featuresof the Earths's surface, Inside of Earth Living Things & Their Environments:Oceans & undersea life Living Things & Their Environment:Environmental change & habitat destruction
History/ Geography
Early People & Civilizations-Nomads-HuntersCrossing the land bridge from Asia to N.A., from hunting to farmingSpatial Sense:Continents-Country, state, city; 4 oceans; poles; equator; hemispheres Early People & CivilizationsContinuedSpatial Sense Continued Early People & Civilizations-Mayas-Incas-AztecsEarly Exploration & Settlement-Columbus & Conquistadors-Cortes-PizzaroModern Civilization & Culture-Mexico: geography & cultureSpanish heritage, traditions, & Independence Day Exploration & Settlement-Lost Colony-Sir Walter Raleigh-Virgina-Jamestown, John Smith, Pocohontas, slavery, Massachusetts-Pilgrims, Mayflower, Puritans History of World ReligionsJudaism -One GodExodus-Moses Isreal, Chanukah, Star of David, torah, synagogueChristianity-Grew of Judaism Jesus as Messiah, Christmas & Easter, symbol of crossIslamOriginated in Arabia, Muslims, Allah, Muhammad, Makkah, Mosque Colonies to IndependenceThe American Rev.13 Colonies, Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere's Ride, Minutemen & red Coats Colonies to Independence The American Rev.cont.Symbols(Liberty Bell, American Flag, Bald Eagle & figures, Jefferson, Dec. of Independence & Fourth of July, Franklin, Washington, Ross, current US PresidentNorth America:Geography: United States Appalachians & Pocky Mountains & Mississippi River Explorers of the American WestDaniel Boone, Wilderness Road, Louisianna Purchase, Lewis & Clark, Sacagawea Early Civilizations -Mesopotamia, Cradle of Civilization Tigria & Euphrates Rivers-Dev. Of writing & civilization-Code of HammurabiEarly Civilizations cont. -Ancient Egypt, Africa, Nile river, Pharaohs, Pyramids, mummies, writing hieroglyphics
SRA UNIT 1: s, m, short a, t (spellrf t, tt), l, d, h, n, p, short o, b, blending sounds, SRA UNIT 2: /k/ spelled k, c, _ck, r, /f/ spelled f and ff, g, /j/ spelled j and _dge, short u, /z/ spelled z, zz, s, /ks/ spelled x, long e spelled e, _ea_, /ed/, /d/, /t/ spelled ed SRA UNIT 3: /sh/ spelled sh, /th/ spelled th, /ch/ spelled ch and _tch, /or/ spelled or and ore, /ar/ spelled ar, /m/ spelled _mb, /w/ spelled w_, /er/ spelled er, ir, ur, schwa, ng, nk, /kw/ spelled qu SRA UNIT 4: /y/ spelled y, /v/ spelled v, syllable _le, long a spelled a, a_e, ai_, and _ay; long I spelled i, i_e; /s/ spelled ce and ci_, /j/ spelled ge and gi_, long o spelled o and o_e, long u spelled u and u_e, SRA UNIT 5: long e spelled e, e_e, ee, ea, _y, _ie_; /s/ spelled cy, long i spelled_igh, _y, and _ie SRA UNIT 6: long o spelled oa_ and ow_, /oo/ (as in tooth) spelled oo, -ue, u, -ew, and u_e, /oo/ spelled oo (as in foot) SRA UNIT 7: /ow/ spelled ow and ou_, /n/ spelled kn_, /aw/ spelled au_ and aw, augh and ough, /oi/ spelled oi and _oy, /r/ spelled wr, /f/ spelled ph, /er/ spelled ear, long e spelled _ey SRA UNIT 8: Review Long and short a, i,o, and u spellings SRA UNIT 9: Long and short e, consonant blends, consonant digraphs, r-controlled vowels, SRA UNIT 10: /oo/, /ow/ and /oi/ sounds and spellings, base words, prefixes, endings
Comprehension Strategy
Compare and Contrast, Drawing Conclusions, Reality vs Fantasy, Cause and Effect, Classify and Categorize Main ideas and details, reality vs. fantasy, sequence, making inferences, cause and effect Main idea and details, classify and categorize Main Ideas and Details, Cause and Effect, Sequence Main ideas and details, classify and categorize, sequence, drawing conclusions, making inferences Cause and Effect, Reality vs Fantasy, Making Inferences, Sequence, Drawing Conclusions Compare and Contrast, Drawing Conclusions, Classify and Categorize, Cause and Effect Compare and Contrast, Classify and Categorize, Main Idea and Details, Making Inferences Drawing Conclusions, Making Inferences, Reality vs Fantasy, Main Ideas and Details
CK Literature
*Lon Po Po*Little Red Riding Hood*Why the Owl Has Big Eyes Continued *Jack & the Beanstalk*Issun Boshi*Tom Thumb*Thumbelina*Little Finger of the Watermelon Patch *Cinderella *Hansel & Gretel*House at Pooh Corner*Medillo Pollito *Frog Prince*Puss in Boots*Rumplestiltskin *Sleeping Beauty*Princess & the Pea*Rapunzel *Tale of Peter Rabbit*Tales of Br'er Rabbit*The Pied Piper of Hamelin Aesop's Fables*The Boy Who Cried Wolf*The Dog in the Manger*The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing*The Maid & The Milk Pail*The Fox & Grapes*The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs*Pinocchio *The Knee High Man*The Boy at the Dike*It Could Always Be Worse*How Anansi Got Stories From the Sky
*My Shadow*Rope Rhyme*The Swing Continued *Solomon Grundy*Wynken/Blynken/ Nod *Thanksgiving Day(Over the River)*Table Manners *Purple Cow*Sing a Song of People *The Owl & the Pussycat *Hope*Washington *The Pasture*I Know All the Sounds the Animals Make Review Review
Sayings & Phrases
-1. A.M. and P.M. -2. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.3. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. -1. Fish out of water. 2. Land of Nod. -1. Practice makes perfect. -1. If at first you don't succed, try, try again. 2. The more the merrier. -1. Hit the nail on the head. -1. Never leave till tomorrow what you can do today. -1. Let the cat out of the bag.2.There's no place like home. -1. Sour grapes.2. Wolf in sheep's clothing.
Sight Words:can on am and the -did it had him said Sight Words:has at in there see can't call look was what big got ask of Sight Words:down if its red help get that this for out little went will when girl an they but do she Sight Words:all were with yes jump ride alk we well make over them after you like Sight Word:or two be green take every could some going day way sleep don't my Sight Word:no their away too came saw blue one me right very good now here govery good now here go Spelling teston phonics rule for the week Spelling teston phonics rule for the week Spelling teston phonics rule for the week Spelling teston phonics rule for the week
Writing & Grammar Focus
Letter, word, sentence; nouns, singular and plural nouns, adjectives, possessive nouns, action and helping verbs. spacing between words and sentences, Capitalize first word in sentence, declarative sentences, interrogative sentences declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, and imperative sentences, adjectives and adjectives that compare Capitalization and punctuation, Plural nouns Capitalization and punctuation, Sentences of different lengths, commas in a series Quotation Marks, Singular and Plural Nouns, Singular and Plural possessive pronouns, Sentence Expanding with Describing words Changing Sentences, Plural Possessive Pronouns, Synonyms, Antonyms, and Contractions Present and Past Tense Verbs, Verbs Ending in y, Future Tense Verbs, Singular, Plural, and Possessive Nouns, Pronous Adjectives that Compare, Capitalization, Review Contractions