Twin Peaks

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Place Value Place Value & Money/ Adding & Subracting Whole Numbers & Money Multiplication & Division Concepts and Facts/ Time, Data, & Graphing Time, Data, & Graphing/ Multiplying by One Digit Numbers Dividing Number Sense/ Dividing by One-Digit Divisors Geometry & Measurement Fraction Concepts Multiplying by Two Digit Numbers/ Extending Division Fraction Operations Graphing & Probability
 Meteorology Chemistry Electricity Geology Respiratory & Circulatory System
History/ Geography
History: CO History: State Symbols Geography: Map Skills & Mountain Ranges History: French & Indian War Geography: State Geography History: CO History: Prehistoric Colorado American Revolution History: CO History: Native Americans of Colorado Constitution & Government History: CO History: Spanish Americans Early Presidents and Reformers History: CO History: Explorers Chinese Dynasties Geography: China History: CO History: Fur Traders and Tappers Islam Geography: Islam History: CO History: Miners & The Gold Rush Medieval African Kingdoms Geography: Africa History: CO History: Conflicts Between Settlers & Native Americans Middle Ages History: Middle Ages Geography: Europe
Comprehension Strategy Make Connections Determine Importance, review make connections Infer, review make connections
Create Images, Review Infer
Use fix up strategies, Review Create Images
Synthesize, Review Fix up strategies
Monitor Understanding, Review Synthesize
Ask Questions, Review Monitor Understanding
Making Connections, T-T, T-S, Review ask questions
Determine importance, Purpose for reading, review make connections
Infer: Fact/Opinion, Review Determine importance: Purpose for Reading
Create Images: Enhance understanding, Review infer: Fact/opinion
Use fix up strategies: Read On, Review Create Images: Enhance Understanding
Synthesize: Classify and catergorize information, Review Fix Up Strategies: Read On
Monitor understanding: Genre, Review Synthesize: Classify and Categorize information Ask Questions:Meaning, review monitor understanding :genre
CK Literature
Legend of Sleepy Hollow (infer)
Rip Van Winkle (create images)
Robinson Crusoe (conflict) Dear Benjamin Banneker Gulliver's Travels (visualization, summary)
The Magic Brocade
Pollyanna (Character, infer) Treasure Island (predictions, ask questions) Fire on the Mountain King Arthur Tales
Robin Hood
St. George and the Dragon
"Clarence" (make connections)
"The Drum" (beginning of year get to know you activity)
Clouds and "Fog" (connect to meteorology unit) "Things" (infer)
"Afternoon on a Hill" (create images)
Concord Hymn, "Paul Revere's Ride" and "George Washington" (Connect to American Revolution unit) "Humanity" (Connect to Benjamin Banneker)

"Dreams" (connect to reformers)
Monday's Child (connect to The Magic Brocade) The Rhinoceros (adjectives, word play) "The Pobble Who Has No Toes" (create images)
"A Tragic Story" (create images)
Life Doesn't Frighten Me (Connect to Fire on the Mountain)
Sayings & Phrases
Ship Shape, Laugh and the World Laughs With You, As the Crow Flies, On the War Path, When it Rains it Pours Birds of a Feather, You Can Lead a Horse to Water, Don't Count Your Chickens, Blow Hot and Cold, Lightning Never Strikes Twice,  Once in a Blue Moon, The Bigger They Are, Half a Loaf RSVP, Make Hay While the Sun Shines, An Ounce of Prevention Run of the Mill, Make Ends Meet, Break the Ice,Go to Pot Haste Makes Waste, Bury the Hatchett, Bull in a China Shop, Two Wrongs don't Make a Right, Through Thick and Thin, Don't Put All your Eggs in one Basket, Beauty is only Skin Deep Live and Let Live, Seeing is Believing, A Picutre is Worth a Thousand Words, Etc., Money Burning a Hole in Your Pocket, Can't Hold a Candle to, Timbuktu
Word Study with Words Their Way - flexible and adaptable depending on student data
Writing & Grammar Focus
Grammar: Simple and Compound sentences, simple and compund subjects/predicates subject-verb agreement, review sentence structure Declarative/ Interrogative sentences, Imparative/
Exclamatory sentences
Sentence Combining
Common and proper nouns, singular and plural nouns
Possessive Nouns, review nouns
Continue common and proper nouns, singular and plural nouns
Possessive Nouns, review nouns
Action and linking verbs, main and helping verbs
Past, present and future verb tense, irregular verbs
Review Verbs, singular and plural pronouns
Subject and object pronouns, contractions
Adjectives, comparative and superlative, articles
Adverbs: camparison forms
Prepositions, prepositional phrases
Conjunctions: coordinate and Correlative
Cunjunctions: Subordinate, independent and dependant clauses