A Safe and Nurturing Environment for all Children to Grow

We are excited to partner with your family during this special introduction to life-long learning. We are committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment for all children to grow emotionally, intellectually, and socially. We offer half-day AM, half-day PM, and full day kindergarten options. 

Our Schedule

Half day kindergarten (AM) with dropoff at 7:55 AM and pickup at 11:00 AM 
Half day kindergarten (PM) with dropoff at 11:55 AM and pickup at 3:00 PM 
Full day kindergarten with dropoff at 7:55 AM and pickup at 3:00 PM 

In late May, we host our annual Kindergarten Round-Up. We invite all newly enrolled students and their families to meet the teachers, explore the classrooms, and engage in various kindergarten readiness activities in a relaxed setting. Parents will also have the opportunity to learn more about the kindergarten curriculum, and what to expect during the first few days of school.

TPCA has a long history of academic excellence and character development. We are proud of our Timberwolf heritage. Please explore our website, and call or visit our school for more information on academic excellence and the foundations of virtue and character.

Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten?

No single factor determines when children are ready for kindergarten. To continue reading about kindergarten readiness, please click here.

Full Day Kindergarten Fees and Tuition

Our school charges tuition only for the full day kindergarten program. Tuition is $285.00 per month and is charged for nine months, September - May. At the time of kindergarten enrollment, we require a $100 tuition deposit. This non-refundable deposit is applied to the first month’s payment of tuition. There is no free or reduced lunch discount offered on the tuition or the tuition deposit, and the deposit is not refunded if the student withdraws from enrollment in the full-day option.

The total amount due at the time of full day kindergarten enrollment is $125 annual student fee + $100 tuition deposit. Of this amount, $100 will be applied to your tuition bill.

August Sign Up

Mark your calendars! To begin the academic year, and facilitate this transition into school, we prefer to have one half of the class to attend on day one, and the second half to attend on day two. We will let you know which day your child will attend as soon as we finalize the schedule. Please bring purchased school supplies on the first day of school. 

Also in August, we will have a Back-to-School Night. At this evening event you can visit your student's classroom, meet the teacher, ask questions and learn about volunteer opportunities. 

School Supplies

Supply lists will be posted on the website in an easy to find location.

Thursday Folders

Your child's weekly work and important school-wide information will be sent home every week in a designated "Thursday Folder."


Children need healthy snacks to maintain their energy and attention. Parents should provide their child(ren) with healthy snacks and a drink. Water bottles are strongly encouraged; please label the bottle with your child's name.

Homework and Reading

At this young age, homework provides additional opportunities for students to gain confidence in their work, and to develop independence in their studies. It also helps parents to stay informed of class work.

Kindergarten homework begins in November. Students are expected to spend 5–15 minutes per night on homework, plus twenty minutes of family reading time.