Pillars of Character

Productive and Principled Citizens — The Six Pillars of Character

At Twin Peaks Charter Academy, we believe character education is essential in developing productive citizens and smart kids. No one is born with good character. It is not a hereditary trait. Character is learned.

Whether at home, school, or in play, we agree on six basic values to define ethical behavior. These values are known as the Six Pillars of Character: responsibility, respect, citizenship, fairness, trustworthiness, and caring. Every Monday morning, elementary students begin their day with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by the TPCA Character Pledge.

Throughout our Core Knowledge content, students have the opportunity to learn about fictional and non-fictional persons who exemplify great character. TPCA students are guided daily in behavior that constitutes great character through modeling, teachable moments, and conversations. All teachers integrate lessons emphasizing the Six Pillars of Character. We recognize, honor and celebrate student success in character development at our quarterly character assemblies. Students in K–5 are eligible for the Timberwolf Award, which honors actions reflective of the Six Pillars of Character, and the Twin Peaks Award, which is given to students who demonstrate overall improvement in academics or character.

Our TPCA faculty and staff have more than seventeen years’ experience in diligently designing, reviewing, revising, and implementing structures and practices to support students in developing great character.