Child Wellness and Sick Days

Questions about when to keep your sick child at home? Please visit our Attendance page.


Immunizations are an important part of our children's healthcare. Colorado law requires that children going to school be vaccinated to prevent vaccine-preventable diseases. TPCA works hard to ensure compliance with immunization laws. Your help in providing updated immunization records at school registration is greatly appreciated.

Children who are uninsured, on Medicaid, or are Medicaid-eligible, as well as children of American Indian/Alaskan Native heritage can receive low-cost vaccinations through the Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program. 

VFC Immunization Program 
529 Coffman Street, Suite 200 
Ph 303.678.6166 
Monday 8 AM–6:45 PM
Tuesday–Friday 8 AM–4:30 PM

Children may receive immunizations at Boulder County Public Health immunization clinics. These clinics are held weekly in Longmont. Appointments are strongly recommended. Beginning January 1, 2013, Boulder County Public Health can no longer provide low-cost vaccines to children and young adults (0-18 years old) who have health insurance.

Boulder County Immunization Clinic
529 Coffman Street, Suite 200 
Monday 1 PM–6:45 PM
Ph 303.678.6166 to make an appointment

Immunization Exemption

If your child cannot receive immunizations because of medical reasons, or because you have a religious or personal reason to exempt your child, the exemption line on the Certificate of Immunization must be signed, and the exempted vaccines must be listed.

Medication Policy

Any medication, prescription, or over-the-counter medication to be administered to a student by delegated staff during the school day or during school-related activities must include a doctor's order (MD, DO,DDS, NP, or PA) and parent's permission on the Permission for Medication Form. Only a delegated staff member or the District RN may administer the above medications. Medication must be in the original, properly labeled container. If it is a prescription medication, the student's name, name of the drug, dosage, time for administering, name of provider, and current date must be printed on the container. Students may not carry medication without a doctor's permission on file in the health office.

Exceptions to the medication policy are:
mosquito repellent
cough drops
lip balm
contact wetting solution
(these items must be provided by the parent or guardian)

Individualized Health Plans (IHP)

Individualized Health Plans and Permission for Medication forms must be on file at the school for the following, but are not limited to: allergies (food and sting), asthma, diabetes, seizures, and vp shunt.

Allergies (including Severe Stings)

All students requiring the use of an epi-pen or other type of allergy medication or intervention must have a current IHP on file at school.


Forms are required for all students requiring the use of an asthma inhaler or other asthma medications at school that are kept in the health office. This also applies to all students who either have daily asthma medications or as needed meds at school. Forms are required for students requiring the use of a nebulizer or peak flow meter at school, and for students who carry their inhalers at school.


Students with diabetes must have a current IHP on file at school.


Forms are required for all all students that have seizure medication at school or home. Any student having active seizures in the last five years must have a current IHP on file at school.

VP Shunt

All students must have a current IHP on file at school.

To Fill Out a Specific Health Plan Form, Please Click Here.