High School Dress Code

Per Policy: T-JICA-R2 Student Dress 9–12 

TPCA expects that all students will maintain their person and clothing in a modest, clean, and orderly manner; as a part of the student body, the high school student population should provide a positive influence to the overall TPCA community. TPCA continues its focus on providing an excellent educational environment and the high school dress code as outlined in this exhibit strives to maintain this educational focus while providing students the ability to express their individuality in an appropriate manner. In all instances, the Administration will make the final determination as to the appropriate apparel in a questionable circumstance.

Students who are in violation of the dress code will be disciplined according to policy and are not allowed to attend class until they become in compliance with the dress code.

1. Students are:

  • Required to be neat and clean.
  • Use their good judgment in the matter of dress.
2. Clothing that inappropriately bares or exposes traditionally private parts of the body or undergarments are NOT allowed. No undergarments may show at any time. Nor should they be worn as outer garments.

3. Clothing that shows obscene, questionable or offensive language, promotes illegal substances, tobacco or alcohol products are not acceptable attire at school or at school sponsored activities. Clothing making statements with sexual innuendos or unsafe practices are not allowed.

4. Any clothing, jewelry, wallet chains, emblems, symbols, tattoos, make-up, signs or other styles of grooming that is identified with membership in a gang will not be tolerated in school or at any school sponsored activity. Any gang or drug related clothing or items that contain inappropriate language or images including suggestive or pornographic sayings, or suggest death images, including skulls, are inappropriate and unacceptable. Apparel that interferes with or endangers self or others while participating in school or school sponsored activities is not allowed.

5. Hair:
  • Must be clean, neat and groomed.
  • No unusual or radical hairstyles.
  • Unnatural hair color is unacceptable (pink, green, blue etc.) unless during an authorized event.
6. Body piercing that IS allowed:
  • Two earrings per ear. No plugs or spikes.
  • No other visible piercings are allowed.
7. Tattoos/images or written language on the skin are not allowed. Students with permanent tattoos/branded images or written language on the skin MUST have them covered at all times.

8. Skorts, skirts, and shorts
   A. Skorts and skirts:
  • Must fit appropriately.
  • Cannot be shorter than fingertip length.
  B. Shorts:
  • Cannot be shorter than fist length and must fit appropriately.
  • Spandex is not allowed.
  • Clothing with holes or tears must be stylish, appropriate, and not home-ripped or torn, and must not expose traditionally private parts of the body. No skin may show through, skin must be covered by any rips and tears.
9. Dresses:
  • Cannot be shorter than fingertip length.
  • Form fitting dresses are not allowed.
  • Must have sleeves unless a coordinating jacket is worn over the dress at ALL times.
10. Jeans, pants, women’s Capri’s, and leggings:
  • Must fit appropriately.
  • Sagging or low cut clothing that reveals undergarments are not allowed.
  • Clothing with holes or tears must be stylish, not home-ripped or torn, and must not expose traditionally private parts of the body. No skin may show through. Skin must be covered by any rips and tears
11. Sweatpants, yoga pants and warm-ups:
  •  Can be worn on the final Friday of each month for Smart Sweatpants Day.
  • Yoga pants must have a longer tunic-styled shirt over them.
  • Lettering and wording on the clothes is allowed if it meets the requirements from #3 (above) and must not go across the back side of the pants.
  • Sagging or low cut clothing that reveal undergarments are not allowed.
  • No PJ type pants.
12. Shirts:
  • Tank tops must fit appropriately. No muscle-styled tank tops are allowed.
  • Shirts must not fit too loosely or tightly.
  • No undergarments may show from under the shirt.
  • No halter-tops or midriff shirts.
13. Hoods, hats, sunglasses and trench coats may NOT be worn inside the buildings. Hats include visors and bandannas.

14. Footwear:
  • Is required at all times.
  • No slippers
  • Non-marking shoes only.
Field Trip Dress Code: No denim. Business casual dress rules apply.