MS Teachers & staff

Our Faculty and Staff are Highly Qualified, Talented, and Motivated

Our faculty and staff are highly qualified, talented, and motivated. To that end, our administrators follow a rigorous and deliberative screening and hiring process. This approach results in a positive and cooperative environment, where faculty and staff set clear, high expectations for themselves and for students based on their mastery of classical and character education. The faculty help one another maintain these high standards by meeting for professional development sessions, practicing collaborative team-teaching, and taking advantage of opportunities for ongoing education. In addition, they use each other’s feedback to adjust and improve the middle school experience.

To learn more about a teacher, click on his or her name to visit the online classroom pages. You'll discover biographies, agendas, current topics, and more.

If you would like to reach a teacher by phone, please call 303.772.7286, and press 3 to connect with the 6–12 office.

Core Teachers




Spencer Cone

6th Grade Language Arts
6th Grade Advanced Language Arts

Email Mr. Cone

Jenna Cowie

7th Grade Language Arts
7th Grade Advanced Language Arts

Email Ms. Cowie

James Thornton

8th Grade Language Arts
8th Grade Advanced Language Arts

Email Mr. Thornton

Dena Terry

6th Grade Singapore Math

Email Mrs. Terry

Pam Wanninger

Middle School Pre-Algebra

Email Mrs. Wanninger

Chip Wiegand

6th Grade Science

Email Mr. Wiegand

Deborah Esterline

7th Grade Science

Email Ms. Esterline

Tim Schuett

8th Grade Science

Email Mr. Schuett

Deb Owen

6th Grade Social Studies

Email Mrs. Owen

Joan Farus

7th Grade Social Studies

Email Mrs. Farus

Jennifer Whitmer

8th Grade Social Studies

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Foreign Languages




Morgan Lilley    

French A                                    

Email Ms. Lilley

Sue Stagnitti

Spanish A

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Student Support Services




Sherry Potter         

Elementary Counselor                        

Email Ms. Potter  

Brittney Thorn

Secondary Counselor

Email Ms. Thorn

Mary Withey

MS Academic Lab

Email Ms. Withey

Alycia Burns

RTI Interventionist
504 Coordinator

Email Mrs. Burns

Lucy Copperberg

RTI Interventionist

Email Mrs. Copperberg

Wendy Klusack

SPED - Paraprofessional

Email Ms. Klusack

Mary Fisher

SPED - Paraprofessional

Email Ms. Fisher

Mandy Cox

Interventionist IA

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