The responsibility to make academics the primary focus obligates Twin Peaks Charter Academy to prevent anything that may distract from the education of students. It is expected that K–8 maintain their person and clothing in a modest, clean, and orderly manner consistent with the uniform dress code and compatible with educational programming. To ensure the proper appearance of students is maintained, the principal or designee will make the final determination as to the appropriate apparel in a questionable circumstance.

TPCA reserves the right to modify the dress code to meet the special needs of students for religious, cultural or approved medical reasons

Policy T-JICA-R1; updated May 1, 2014

  • Short or long sleeved classic polo-style shirts (piqué, cotton or jersey knit.)
  • Short or long sleeved classic oxford style shirt.
  • Short or long sleeved Peter Pan style blouse (girls only).
  • Long sleeved classic turtleneck (no ribbed or fabric textures).
  • Shirts must be worn completely tucked in at all times.
  • Shirts should be solid-colored, logo-free (TPCA logo accepted.)
  • Acceptable colors: white, red, navy blue, powder blue, hunter green, burgundy, and light pink.
  • Layered shirts may be worn providing both shirts are of approved uniform color and uniform approved style shirt is the outermost layer.
Sweatshirts and Sweaters
  • No hoods are permitted. (Middle School: TPCA hoodie allowed.)
  • Sweatshirts must be long sleeve and crew neck.
  • Sweaters must be V-neck or crew/jewel neck, long-sleeved, button-down or pullover.
  • Sweaters & Sweatshirts must be worn over a dress-code approved shirt.
  • Solid color, logo-free (TPCA logo accepted.)
  • Acceptable colors: white, red, navy blue, powder blue, hunter green, burgundy, and light pink.
Pants and Shorts
  • Pants and shorts will be of waist-high, flat front or pleated, classic trouser style. No yoga pants.
  • Fabric will be cotton and/or polyester twill.
  • Shorts must be at or below fingertips when standing straight and cannot fall below knee.
  • Pockets must be near the waist-line or on side-seam. No rivets. No outside pockets.
  • Pants and shorts must be belted, with the exception of K-1 grades.
  • Acceptable colors: navy blue, tan.
Jumpers, Skirts, and Skorts
  • Skorts and Skirts must have a fitted waist-band, worn at the waist.
  • Jumper will either be v-neck, scoop-neck, or full-bodice; pleated or straight.
  • Fabric will be cotton and/or polyester twill.
  • Must be at or below fingertips when standing straight.
  • Acceptable colors: navy blue, tan.
  • Solid dark-colored cloth, leather, or vinyl belts
  • No logos or brand names allowed.
  • No excess material hanging on belts from the waistline.
  • No spikes, rings, or other adornments on belts.
  • Braided belts are acceptable
  • No cut-outs.
  • Kindergarten and First Graders are excused from wearing belts.
  • Footwear is required at all times.
  • Shoes must have closed toe, heel, and side.
  • Heels must be lower than 1-½ inches.
  • Acceptable styles: athletic shoes, oxfords, loafers, Mary Jane, hiking boots, and ankle boots.
  • No platform, lighted, wheeled, character shoes or boots taller than ankle-height.
  • If Snow/rain boots are worn to school, change of dress-code compliant shoes is required.
  • Shoes must have non-marking soles and be consistent in manner to the modest uniform style.
Socks, Tights, and Leggings
  • Solid-colored, non-patterned, unadorned socks, tights and leggings are permitted.
  • Cable-knit and ribbed texture allowed.
  • Acceptable colors: white, red, navy blue, powder blue, hunter green, burgundy, light pink, black and tan.
  • All coats must be removed while inside the classroom, gymnasium, auditorium and cafeteria.
  • Only appropriate and necessary eye wear will be worn.
  • No sunglasses, hats, caps, visors or bandanas may be worn in the building.
Gym Clothing
  • Elementary: To be determined by P.E. teacher.
  • Middle School: Plain gray T-shirt.
  • Gym shorts must be at or below fingertips when standing straight and cannot fall below the knee.
  • Scout/TPCA approved activity (i.e. chess club) clothing allowed on meeting days only.
  • Logos go to Principal or designee to determine if logo is distracting to the educational environment.
General Appearance

Students are required to be neat and clean. Clothing with holes or tears is not allowed. Clothing must fit properly and not be excessively loose or tight. Clothing should not bare or expose traditionally private parts of the body. Undergarments should not be exposed at any time, nor should they be worn as outer garments.

  • Hair should be neat, clean and groomed and of natural color. Male hair length shall be of collar length or shorter. No unusual or radical hairstyles.
  • Only natural looking cosmetics and nail polish are allowed.
  • All jewelry and accessories (i.e. purses, wallets) must be modest, in good taste and not distracting to the learning environment. No wallets with chains.
  • No visible body art. Tattoos/images or written language on the skin are not allowed. Students with tattoos/branded images or written language on the skin MUST have them covered at all times.
  • No visible piercing permitted with the exception of females with no more than two earrings per ear.
  • Earrings are to be one inch or smaller. “Plug” style earrings are not allowed.
  • Items of value (including but not limited to: cell phones, beepers, and all other electronic devices) should not be brought to school. The school assumes no responsibility if items are lost or stolen.
Students who are in violation of the dress code will be disciplined according to policy and not be allowed to attend class until they become compliant with the dress code.