Middle School

Welcome to Twin Peaks Charter Academy Middle School

Middle school marks an exciting time in students’ lives as they move more deeply into their studies, and learn to take greater responsibility for their time, materials, and behavior. To succeed in middle school, students need opportunities for independence balanced with academic and social support. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to ensuring our students’ success. We are also excited to partner with parents to help our students learn the essential knowledge and skills for life-long success.

Our middle school students, sixth through eighth grade, further develop a strong foundation of character education with a powerful Core Knowledge curriculum and the six pillars of character—trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. TPCA students learn what it means to be part of a caring community through student interaction, character assemblies, and our school’s positive behavioral interventions and supports program (PBIS). TPCA honors and recognizes children of excellent character because they help make our school community stronger and develop them into future community leaders.

It takes dedication and effort from everyone involved to support a student in his or her achievement of academic excellence. One of our goals is to see that parents of first year students feel comfortable and have access to faculty, staff, and information. To accomplish this, we work hard to communicate with timely and meaningful information, and we encourage you to call or visit the school and talk with faculty and staff.

At TPCA, we are committed to helping your child experience a content-rich and supportive education. Our legacy of “Academic Excellence” is woven through everything we do.

Thank you for your interest in Twin Peaks Charter Academy.

Sixth Grade—A Time of Transition

We offer our sixth graders a unique opportunity for successful transition to the middle school years. Our sixth graders have an exciting and new experience compared to elementary school, but in a setting that is physically separate from grades 7 and 8 for most classes. We offer:

  • Middle school courses and schedule

  • Advanced-placement courses

  • Multiple teachers

  • Locker

  • Options for sports and activities

  • Built-in study hall once per week