Please consider how you can support TPCA with your time, talent and treasure! If you are interested in one of these opportunities, please contact our volunteer coordinator or your child's teacher. Thank you for your support!

Room Parent. Help the teacher organize classroom parties, field trips, and other projects. This job can be shared between two parents. Contact with the teacher at least once a week is appreciated.

Classroom Help. Provide help with reading groups, math skills, field trips, and Thursday folders as needed. Volunteers are needed all year. If you have committed to a certain time and cannot come as scheduled, please let the teacher know or find a replacement.

Curriculum. Training is provided to barcode materials and organize the curriculum collection.

Handyman Projects. General projects are scheduled approximately every 3 months and take anywhere from 2–4 hours. Please list if nights or weekends are better for you.

Vision & Hearing Screening. Training is provided to help the Health Clerk with the annual vision and hearing screening clinic.

Library. Training is provided to shelve books, process new books, clean or repair books, read stories, etc. Accuracy is important.

Fire Safety House. Help supervise 1st–3rd grade students during annual Fire Safety Education provided by the Longmont Fire Department.

Lunchroom and Recess. Help supervise students during lunch and recess periods. We would like at least one parent per lunch period committed to one day per week for at least one month, and preferably for one quarter or the full year. This is a great way for working parents to volunteer during the school day.

Baking and Cooking. Provide baked goods for special events such as teacher luncheons and birthdays.

Home Projects. Prepare projects on an as-need basis for classroom use, such as Scholastic book orders, cutting out items, labeling, collating packets, etc.

Copying/Office/Bulletin Boards. Volunteers are needed to make copies for teachers and office staff. If possible, please come the same day and time each week so that teachers can prepare accordingly. We also need help with office projects periodically.

Pickup and Dropoff. To ensure the safety of our children, parents are needed to help monitor the dropoff and pickup of students before and after school. Please choose one day a week, morning or afternoon. This could be rotated by quarters.

Athletics. Assist with middle and high school athletics: cross country, fencing, volleyball, boys soccer (fall), boys and girls basketball (winter), and track and field (spring).

Specials (Music, Art, Spanish, PE, Computer). Volunteers help in the classroom, tutoring, or other projects.

Enrichment Activities. Enrichment programs are teacher-sponsored but rely heavily on parent volunteers. Most are once per week, before or after school. Exception: Accelerated Reader is held during the school day. Parents are needed to help the students take tests and redeem prizes with points earned on the tests.

School Committees. Parent-led government is an important foundation of TPCA. Each committee includes a board member liaison and often a staff member. Volunteer parents are needed to lead committees and provide membership to ensure the success and integrity of the school. Most committees meet after school or in the evenings.

PTVO. Members of the Parent Teacher Volunteer Organization organize and manage fundraising for TPCA.  Representatives attend monthly PTVO meetings which are usually held during the school day.

Special Events. Volunteers are needed to help organize or decorate for school events throughout the year.