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Added information related to school tours to the home page. (12/15/14)

Added "What is TPCA" presentation to the home page. (12/15/14)

Added a list of colleges and universities that will visit TPCA. (12/11/14)

Added literature to the bottom of the about page. (12/02/14)

Launched enrollment for 2015–16. (11/30/14)

Added 11/20/14 BOD Meeting Agenda (11/18/14) 

Added Board of Directors 10/2/14 Meeting Minutes (11/17/14)

Launched re-enrollment for 2015–16. (11/13/14)

Updated contact information for administration. (11/4/14)

Added enrollment meeting dates to the home page. (10/28/14)

Updated enrollment meeting page to illustrate the upcoming meetings. (10/28/14)

Added highlights page to the about menu. (10/27/14)