Mission Statement

Twin Peaks Preschool provides students an exceptional early education, building a strong foundation for future learning in a caring environment that fosters social, physical, academic, and emotional growth.

Twin Peaks Charter Academy offers a high quality preschool and kindergarten program ensuring the best start for your child. As Longmont's only classical education school, our preschool is based on the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence and is a fee-based program for children ages 3-5 years. Children in our program develop both socially and academically in a safe, stimulating environment with engaging, hands-on lessons and activities. They study nursery rhymes, letter sounds and number concepts, while being exposed to classic stories, games, and songs. A main focus of our preschool is to help students grow socially and academically to be prepared for Kindergarten and beyond. We integrate the Six Pillars of Character of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship, in everything we do at Twin Peaks Preschool, creating a strong community. 

Preschool Team


Leslie Chrysler


Ms. Chrysler is excited to be a part of Twin Peaks preschool. She loves adventure, art and learning and feels privileged to spend her time with children doing these exact things.

Ms. Chrysler has been teaching for 19 years in the preschool environment and loves the process of watching a child learn and become confident in  his/her new skills. She loves sharing books, exploring creativity and investigating nature and science with students, and helping prepare children for many years of learning.

Ms. Chrysler and her husband Jim live in Longmont and have raised 3 boys, Andy, Josh and Ben, in this community. They finally added a girl to the mix when Andy married Reena. They enjoy living so close to the mountains and the many outdoor adventures that this allows.

Ms. Chrysler delights in building rapport with children and their families and looks forward to the school year ahead.


Ashlee Teegardin


Ms. Teegardin sees the Twin Peaks preschool as a way to grow our future when we realize the endless possibilities available to our little learners when given a solid educational foundation.

Ms. Teegardin has been working in education for the last 5 years as a preschool teacher in Longmont as well as a Kindergarten instructional assistant at Twin Peaks. She is excited to be back in preschool. She is incredibly inspired by preschoolers. Every day, they keep her learning as they challenge her to think outside the box. Their curiosity and joy when learning is contagious.  She finds herself laughing and playing so often, it is hard to call her job "work." Yet with all the silliness aside, they truly are learning in every part of the day. 

Ms. Teegardin was born and raised in northern Indiana, but has lived in Longmont for the last 6 years with her husband, Mike, and daughter Audrey. In her down time, she is an avid skier, hiker, and artist. 

holli linton

Holli Linton

Teacher Assistant

Holli is a mom of 5 with her 3 littles attending Twin Peaks. She grew up in Michigan and went to school at Eastern Michigan University where she studied education. She taught middle school for 6 years before staying home with her kids. This will be her third year as a teacher's assistant for Twin Peaks Preschool. She loves to be outside in the mountains or hanging out with her animals on her hobby farm while tending her garden.